do small things, in a great way

do small things, in a great way

Napolean Hill was right when he wrote this motivational quote:

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”

Great things are built with small bricks laid carefully one by one with each one supporting its neighbor. Sometimes the only actions available to us, are the day-to-day tasks of life like doing the dishes or putting away laundry. They may seem far from great, yet if neglected it’s these small things that can wreak havoc later in our schedules as we struggle spending more time catching up to undo the chaos left by the path of neglect. Also left undone, it’s these little things that drain mental energy as we think about not doing them. The longer they remain undone, the more energy we devote to noticing their lack of completion. In the end it would have really been best to do thing thing the first time we thought of it. This quote helps remind me to forecast the joy I’ll feel in completing the task and then shift it to the present.

Another aspect of this motivational quote reminds me that if we do have big picture goals, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not even get started. The book can’t get written without the first page, the blog can’t launch without the first post, etc. Sometimes goals too big and unattainable to be able and we convince ourselves it’s not worth even getting started. Everything has to start somewhere, and it’s the little steps taken every day that get us to the final destination.

So whether your small things are chores, or writing that first sentence, do it, and do it with reverence.




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