pumpkin pie in a jar face and body mask

treat yourself to pumpkin pie without the guilt with this delicious face + body mask recipe | from say yum #beauty #natural #green #DIY

pumpkin pie in a jar face and body mask

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of cool, crisp fall air after a long, hot summer. I can anticipate the delicious smells fall offers like pumpkin pie. It’s been a busy summer of scheduling fun, family activities, but with kids back in school I am ready to take some time for a little TLC for my body with a little home beauty treatment time. I think it’s something most of us forget to do as we get stuck in the rut of our daily routines, too exhausted at the thought of doing anything else besides watching some reality TV, possibly with a drink in hand, before we crash for the night.  However, this delicious smelling and feeling great mask will leave you refreshed, and give your skin the bit of love it deserves after the enduring the summer elements.

treat yourself to pumpkin pie without the guilt with this delicious face + body mask recipe from say yum #beauty #natural #green #DIY

This mask contains ingredients that are beneficial to your skin. I encourage you to buy organic, so you avoid putting any unnecessary chemicals onto your school. If however you just have conventional ingredients at home, by all means use what you have.

These simple ingredients of this pumpkin pie face and body mask benefit your school in the following ways:

  • pumpkin: High in antioxidants including retinol (Vitamin A) – which helps reduce sun damage and signs of aging, Vitamin C and E, and salicylic acid – which helps remove dead skin cells.
  • cinnamon: Helps eliminate bacteria, and it smells great!
  • raw honey: Holds in moisture, and also eliminates bacteria.
  • yogurt: Moisturizes, another bacteria eliminator and the lactic acid helps tighten your pores.
  • oatmeal: Contains natural cleansers (saponins) and moisturizes.

So after dinner one night, and your chores are done, make the time to whip up this simple and delicious homemade mask recipe that will make your skin say yum!


Pumpkin Pie in a Jar Face and Body Mask
Recipe type: skin care
Cuisine: DIY natural green beauty
A delicious fall inspired beauty recipe that will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed.
  • ¼ c pumpkin puree
  • ½ c yogurt
  • 2 T rolled oats - ground in food processor or blender
  • 2 T raw honey
  • ½ t cinnamon
  1. After you have ground the oats, combine all ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Stir until well blended.
  3. Apply the mask gently using long strokes anywhere on your face or body. If you are applying to your body you can wrap yourself in a sheet or towel after you apply the mask.
  4. Find a nice place to relax for 10 minutes. If you experience any sensitivity to the mask, just rinse off immediately. Cinnamon can increase blood flow, and some people are more sensative.
  5. After the 10 minutes, rinse off mask in the bath or shower.
  6. Following the treatment, towel dry and moisturize skin. I recommend using coconut oil (preferably organic).
  7. Refrigerate any remaining mask tightly covered and use within 4 days.




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