today WAS my lucky day thanks to random acts TV!!!

today WAS my lucky day thanks to random acts TV!!!

Life DOES surprise you! Waking up this morning, there’s no part of me that considered the possibility that I would meet a talking garbage can. Yes, that’s right, a talking garbage can, on St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s what happened…

Walking around Lake Merritt in Oakland today, getting my steps in for my FitBit workweek challenge, a garbage can introduced itself to me. No, it wasn’t Oscar the Grouch, just a garbage can who after chatting with it realized this can was the furthest thing from Oscar you could imagine.kris-johnson-say-yum-random-acts-jamba-juice

As I moved briskly I heard a friendly voice saying “Over here. Yes, here. The garbage can.” So of course I stopped to chat. Who wouldn’t? It’s not every day you meet such an animated, inanimate object. Though most folks around me had dismissed their opportunity to learn more. Instead, I investigated.

It introduced itself as ‘The Complimentary Garbage Can’. All of a sudden, it started telling me all these lovely things about me like: I had a great smile, style, a lovely laugh, and I was enough. Wow!!! It was definitely worth stopping. It’s amazing how much power a compliment has. It’s even more powerful when delivered by someone (or something) you don’t know because it’s unsolicited.

The can then asked me to give someone else a compliment who was walking by. I looked around and a group of business men, dressed sharply, approached. Without missing a beat, as they passed me I complimented them on their well-dressed appearance. Looking back on it, I wish I had gone deeper, like telling them they were doing their best in their life and they’re doing great.

Regardless of things unsaid, the garbage can then let me give it a high five, consisting of me high fiving myself, which I did twice for some reason. In return for taking the time to meet and participate in the garbage can’s request, he mentioned inside him was a gift card. Hesitantly I lifted the lid, and sure enough taped to the top was a bright yellow envelope labeled ‘Random Acts’.

I smiled, excited by the unusual event, which was totally up my ally and I walked away. As I left a young man approached me letting me know they were filming an upcoming TV show called Random Acts where they do these sorts of things. They call themselves a hidden camera show with a heart. What a perfectly, awesome idea! Of course I signed the release to use me in their footage.

Upon my walk back to my office, the yellow envelope revealed a sweet surprise, a $10 gift card to Jamba Juice. I was happy participating without any compensation, but who doesn’t like a gift card? I looked up their website immediately, read about their show, and watched the trailer. They’re suprising people with all sorts of things, free groceries, random car washes, and more. It’s premiering on April 4. You can find out more and watch the trailer on their website:

random-acts-logoThey didn’t ask me to promote them, but I really wanted to share this heart opening, positivity generating concept. What a great way to connect with people and inspire them to pay it forward. This is what I love about living in the digital age…the ability to share the power of random encounters that make people around the world smile and feel good about themselves.

I’ll definitely be tuning in to the premier April 4th. Keep your eyes and ears open, and compliments read. You never know what opportunities to brighten your day or someone else’s are right in front of you.





























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