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Because life can get in the way of feeling good.

Tips, tricks + strategies for easing mealtime madness + boosting wellness

Over-whelmed with life and suffer from anxiety trying to get a healthy meal on the table or make time for you?  Let’s take small bites and slowly digest our shift from self-loathing to self-appreciation.

I’m a geeky, busy mom on a mission to get real about the triumphs and tribulations of creating a healthy meal and mindset navigating our modern world. Join me on our bite-sized journey to happiness.

Simple, Nourishing Food

The good news is we don’t have to collect hundreds of recipes, be a short order cook or make picture perfect food for mealtime sanity, wellness or weight loss. Let’s make it simple and fresh.

Happiness is Homemade

Better living goes hand in hand with improving our mindset and changing how we think takes time. Let’s ease into it and find our happy place, one bite and one breath at a time.

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project yummy mummy: lose 40 pounds by 40

With 40 quickly approaching, I’m on a weight loss mission to drop 40 pounds eating the same dinners as my family and enjoying indulgences in moderation. Can it be done?
birthday countdown

pounds lost so far

join the YUM (You’re Uber Magnificent) brigade!

brigade [bri-geyd]: a system instituted to streamline and simplify work in the kitchen of life. It eliminates the chaos and duplication of effort.

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