picky eaters?

busy schedules?

unwanted pounds?

You are not alone.
Being a busy mom begs for the cultivation of time to nourish ourselves + families…at which I manage to fail frequently. To combat such failure, here you’ll find –

  • easy, healthy-ish, kid-friendly recipes
  • ingredient upgrades + kitchen hacks
  • baby steps for healthy + happy living…including weight loss 🙂

…the essential ingredients as we attempt to get healthy + happy. LET’S DO THIS!

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project yummy mummy: lose 40 pounds by 40

With 40 quickly approaching, I’m on a weight loss mission to drop 40 pounds eating the same dinners as my family and enjoying indulgences in moderation. Can it be done?
birthday countdown

pounds lost so far

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Love YOU + YOUR family,
not screen versions.

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