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believe in yourself – my life changing journey – day four

Believe in yourself because the universe has ears. When it hears faith, you experience faithful opportunities. When you give faith, the universe provides the means to succeed.

I’ve been struggling with developing momentum to follow through with my weight loss goal. Over the last couple of days, I’ve asked myself why? I reminded myself, asking why doesn’t bring me a useful answer. Even if I fully understood why, what would I need to do to to be able to muster the motivation I need to fulfill a goal, supposedly very important to me? So then I started asking the questions: why do we not hold ourselves accountable in the same way we feel accountable to others? For example, I set an alarm on my phone to get up early and do a quick workout. This would be a new habit for me. I’m not excited by the idea of working out. I am excited by how it can help me achieve my weight loss goal though. However, when the alarm went off, I intentionally snoozed it, settling for the comfort of my bed instead of demonstrating my commitment to myself to lose weight. I know if I had to get up for a flight, or have the kids to school at that hour, I would have been out of bed in  a heartbeat, and starting my day. I asked myself questions about why I wanted to lose the weight? Was it truly important to me? How badly did I want to feel better about my weight? I tried to avoid asking myself the question about why I wasn’t following through with something I ‘wanted’ to do? Did I not really ‘want’ it? Was I coming from a place like I ‘should’ do it? Did I feel I could really succeed? Was I scared I wouldn’t succeed?

As I filled my head with questions over the past couple of days, spottily making efforts to track my food and inconsistently finding ways to be active, something came to me last night that really stuck with me. It was the idea of how important it was to believe in myself. Seeing the universe as a mirror for my own thoughts and feelings, delivering me feedback on my current set of thoughts and beliefs, I really felt it sink in how important this concept of believing in myself was to accomplishing any goal. For I understood, and felt in that moment, that the universe can only create experiences in which I can be successful if I truly believe I can accomplish my goal. If I’m on the fence, thinking it’d be nice, but maybe it’s too hard, maybe I can’t do it, does it really matter, I realized that the universe will deliver me experiences that reflect exactly that…experiences where I feel how hard it is, how I can’t follow through, and reinforce that it doesn’t really matter to me. I am the driver of this train, no matter what direction I’m heading. It’s listening to me. I’m telling it to provide me with the resources I need to succeed, or I’m telling it this goal isn’t that important to me or is too difficult, so I’ll experience situations that reinforce that sentiment.

If we just keep telling ourselves we can do it. We are it. We’ve done it, our lives will be evidenced as such…I’m willing to bet $999,999,999,999 on it.

three steps of success decide - believe -act by sayyum.com #motivation #inspiration #quote

three steps of success: my journey to a different life, beginning with good health – day one

“Decide. Believe. Act.” – The three steps of success.


Today you are witnessing my decision to redesign one aspect of my life – my weight. I commit to loosing 25 pounds by the end of 2014. I’m shifting the start of my New Year’s resolution to today, and not tomorrow (being 2015).  I figure I don’t want to give myself the excuse for my jeans to get any tighter during this holiday season. With all the temptations available, it’s very likely to happen unless I commit to changes so the scale’s number decreases.

I actually pledged my commitment yesterday on Facebook to my friends. Letting people know I had a weight loss goal and asking others if they wanted to join in was a big step. I didn’t really want to admit to having to loose weight. However, I also wanted to create some accountability. I also wanted to be available as a support system to anyone else I knew who would like to achieve their own health goals. To create a safe space to share the journey, I created a closed Facebook group and asked people to join. I got two takers, my closest friends. I didn’t need a big turn out, all I needed was one, and I got lucky with two.


I know once I fully decide to do something, I am unstoppable! Today, I set the intention to believe I can accomplish my weight loss goal. Today I got an email from an online fitness community offering a chance to win $10,000 for transforming your body in 10 weeks. I felt like it was a sign that I needed to set and follow through with this goal, in addition to being perfect motivation to capture this process, and needed encouragement to incorporate exercise into my life. So, I signed up. In my mind’s eye, I’ve already won and am simply being paid $1,000 a week to get healthy. Now I get to go home, take my ‘before’ picture, and develop the habits I need to blow everyone away with my 25 pound weight loss. The owner of the community stated that during their spring challenge, 7,000 members participated in the challenge, but only 77 sent in their submissions. If given the same participation, and the law of averages make the odds in my favor. Heck, even 1 one a 100 or 200 chance of wining $10,000 is a whole lot better than winning the lottery or slot machine odds, which I’ve been known to play on occasion :)

I have a lot of reasons for wanting to get healthy again. We are having a company holiday party on a fancy boat in San Francisco. I’m hell bent on being able to buy a cute new dress for that occasion and rocking it! I also have the extra motivation that my birthday is coming in January, and I’m determined to be at my ideal weight by then. My goal once I achieve and maintain my ideal weight, is to get my Weight Watchers lifetime membership. It could possibly be the most expensive lifetime membership ever earned, but a lifetime of good health is priceless. I’ve relied on Weight Watchers in the past for the element of accountability. Plus, my leader is very inspiring!

three steps of success decide - believe -act by sayyum.com #motivation #inspiration #quote


When I achieve my current goal, my total weight loss journey will be close to 70 pounds. The crazy thing, it won’t be the first time I’ve done it. It will be the last though! I’m so tired of reverting back to old habits and an unhealthy body. I want to be a healthy example for my children. In life, we can want something for infinity, but the only way to achieve it is to make the decision to do it, feel like it’s already done, and make choices daily that are in alignment with that choice. So each sip I take, each bite I take, I need to ask the question if it is a healthy choice. My actions need to align with someone who is loosing weight.

Even writing this is hard for me. You think I would be lit on fire with anticipation, excitement, and satisfaction knowing that I have this! Instead all I feel is lethargy, doubt and lack of enthusiasm. I suppose it’s the old habits of overindulgence (both in food and drink) and inactivity and maybe even some deep routed fear of success that is filling my mind. I recognize that I have a choice though. I can feel these feelings of doubt, fear and ambivalence and accept them for what they are – old patterns, and really just feelings. They are the only things stopping me on my way to success. I can embrace their presence, appreciate the fact that by them appearing it makes me even more successful because I get to learn how to transform them into feelings of excitement, confidence and success by acting in ways the demonstrate these positive states of mind.

Without action, one cannot achieve anything. It’s SO easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life, and let our so called important goals fall by the wayside. I believe to truly remain on course you must figure out the one or two things you MUST do daily that will, when added up over time, lead to you accomplishing your goal. For me and weight loss, my two daily goals are to track my food intake (as honestly as I can) and move more.

Onwards and upwards as they say. By the time I’m posting this, I’ve taken my before picture, set a time to workout every week day and managed to hold off drinking beer for two days (a challenge for my inner Canadian beer lover :). I did have sake at sushi last night, but I did try and eat slowly and as I said, I passed on the beer. No one is perfect, and I’m trying to be gentle with myself like how I would comfort a friend. Another day, another $150. That $10,000 check is mine!

Until tomorrow.

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world's best tasting buttercream vanilla frosting recipe from sayyum.com #birthday #cake

world’s best tasting buttercream vanilla frosting

I like to consider myself an all natural kind of girl. This ‘world’s best tasting buttercream vanilla frosting’ is anything but natural. However, I also abide to the 80/20 rule…Sometimes I have cravings for the hyper-processed junk some people call food. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I figure as long the majority of my eating is ‘healthy’ than my treats can be indulgent.

With two school aged children and family members that appreciate my baking skills, there are lots of opportunities to frost cakes or cupcakes throughout the year. I’ve never been fan of serving store bought cakes, so I like to make my own. I will admit to my favorite birthday cake being a plain old vanilla grocery store cake. The icing is sickeningly sweet, but it reminds me of the cakes I used to have growing up – so it’s the nostalgia I crave, but wouldn’t serve it to my guests :)

I’d been on the hunt for a really delicious and easy to work with frosting recipe for a LONG time. My friend Rachel took a cake decorating class at Jo-ann’s and she shared this vanilla frosting recipe from her instructor, who baked cakes professionally. The instructor’s secret to cake decorating was to freeze the cakes or cupcakes ahead of time. When ready to assemble them, she’d whip up a batch of this delicious buttercream vanilla frosting. It’s based on the recipe from Wilton. I substitute the milk for water so I don’t have to worry about spoilage from lack of refrigeration. I also don’t always use the vanilla, depending on how white I would like my frosting.

For more of a tang, and to reduce the sweetness, feel free to use cream cheese instead of the butter, and cut down the sugar. I hope you say yum!

world's best tasting buttercream vanilla frosting recipe from sayyum.com #birthday #cake

world's best tasting buttercream vanilla frosting
Recipe type: dessert
Cuisine: american
An easy to make, delicious tasting, great for decorating cake and cupcake buttercream vanilla frosting based on Wilton's buttercream icing.
  • ½ c butter flavored shortening (it's the butter flavor that makes it so yummy!)
  • ½ c butter, softened
  • 1 t vanilla extract (optional)
  • 4 c powdered sugar, sifted
  • 1-2 T water
  1. Beat butter flavored shortening and butter until fluffy.
  2. Add powdered sugar, slowly.
  3. Mix until mixture comes together.
  4. Add vanilla, if using, and enough water to create desired consistency.