Learning how to eat & be healthy with kitchen therapy for well-being & weight loss.

Welcome to a positively delicious place where kitchen therapy is on the menu to build confidence in the kitchen & comfort in our minds so we can live the life we crave.

On a journey to lighten up inside & out, I’m hungry to inspire culinary & mental relief so we can feel groovy about what we consume. Let’s dig into personalized nourishment and fulfillment for YOUR body and life.

Here you’ll find we’ll be in the kitchen with healthy inspiration & working out at the mental gym to boost well-being, lose weight, tame guilt & reduce self-sabotage sharing laughs along the way, because we know life isn’t perfect. Let’s learn to love the ingredients of health + happiness and say yum to a delicious life!

Simple, Nourishing Food

The good news is we don’t have to make picture perfect food or complicated recipes for mealtime sanity, well-being or weight loss. Let’s make it simple and fresh.

Happiness is Homemade

We can transform ourselves from the inside out by improving our mindset. Let’s ease into it and find our happy place & weight, one bite and one breath at a time.

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Formerly a Veggie Hating, Cooking Newb

After struggling with my weight for years, yo-yo-ing since college, I’ve realized knowing learning to love veggies and how to cook are only SOME of the ingredients of making peace with our plates.

Whipping up a life we crave and a happy weight is about cultivating the habits and mindset to embrace nourishing ourselves regularly because we’re worth it…even if we don’t realize it yet, which is what I’m still learning.

So here I am focusing on feeling good and hungry to inspire those on the same journey. I’m hoping we can let go of filling ourselves up with less than we deserve. Let’s transform self-loathing into self-appreciation with some healthy kitchen therapy using our awareness & focus to more consistently choose what fulfills us inside and out.

Featured Bites

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